Market research

Mystery shopping

Experienced staff audit your entire range of services according to valid criteria. In this way, you can discover hidden potential, and increase your service quality and customer satisfaction.

Qualified merchandising personnel

For more than 15 years, we have been working with renowned customers across all distribution channels. Together with our qualified sales and promotional staff, we build a bridge to your target group and communicate with end customers at the exact point where brand and product information belongs: at the point of sale!

In this way, we create an optimal sales basis for the successful sale of your goods and services, both nationally and internationally.

We appeal optimally to your target group

Just being at the right place at the right time is not enough. The quality of the personnel addressing your target group is equally as important. Staff who are prepared for the questions that customers may ask, and can answer them professionally in a friendly, service-oriented, expert manner are the difference that will turn merchandising into a purchase decision.

These are the strengths that set us apart. After all, for DEKRA Event & Logistic Services, preparation is everything. Our sales and promotional staff are experienced in dealing with a wide range of target groups and before each assignment, they prepare thoroughly for the merchandising campaign in question.

We see ourselves as your company’s figurehead, and as a result we act in a professional, courteous, and success-oriented manner!

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